The only reason I don't want to run a server at home is because (1) everybody else in the market has literally made it impossible to do without spending unacceptable amounts of time administering resources, and (2) spammers/script-kiddies who find exploits in every little fucking nook and crannie.

I actually DO want to self-host all of my resources. I just don't want to spend a career's worth of talent (especially at my age) doing it.

@vertigo my home is too sanctified for all that. And as for playing around with a VPS, I know that I'm not gonna pay close enough attention to it to ever truly do anything important with it.

My catching point is always that I came of age in the era of getting a phone call from my ISP if I ran traceroute. I'm still viscerally scared of my internet, that I depend on for work and now for nearly everything, being cut off because I wasn't normie enough.

I'd be a very different internet user if I weren't so aware that there are interests which can simply unplug me.

@feonixrift I have a business internet connection (residential connections are worthless), so the moment my ISP complains about how I use it is the moment I become their worst customer nightmare.

@feonixrift I've already called my ISP out for issuing TCP RST packets for my BitTorrent streams, back when I was still with the Star Trek: New Voyages production crew.

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