programming/compiler talk: I'm curious what are people's opinion on closures? Do you actually use them? Maybe it's my C background, but when implementing them in my compiler and interpreters they seem to be one of the sore points (e.g. complexity, potential memory leaks, etc.) and I'm thinking about doing away with them, keeping only locals and globals.

cc: @akkartik, @vertigo


@bd @akkartik If the language offers to support them, I'll use continuations as long as the total size of the code on my screen (the sum total number of lines taken by both the inner and outer functions) isn't excessive. A function still needs to fit in 25 lines or so.

If the code starts to exceed that limit, or otherwise doesn't read well for some reason, then I'll refactor the inner code to its own function and reference it by name.

@vertigo how do you normally use continuations? I've always found the construct to be quite niche, but maybe I just don't understand it properly

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