Person uses laptop to bypass payment mechanism on laundry machine at their apartment complex.

From :birdsite:

@vertigo While the idea is cool, seems rather risky for something relatively low cost.

And many have cameras in the laundry room.

@technoid_ That depends on how the land lord set the prices, I suppose. I'm not going to judge someone for wanting to skimp out on laundry fees. I've lived in apartment complexes that wanted an exorbitant $2 per load in the wash. I typically have two or three loads a week, so budget $6 to wash, and you figure another $6 to dry them. That $12/week adds up over time, not counting laundry soap and dryer sheet expenses. (I was fortunate enough to be able to afford it; but, I accept that not everyone can.)

Now, take that software, program it onto a small PCB with a microcontroller that costs $2, total manufacturing cost of that is probably less than $10 total per unit. Triple that price to make a profit in a business context, and that device would still end up paying for itself in just three weeks. For someone who is very low income, that might be a risk worth taking, and it'll be much harder to capture on camera than a big, bulky ThinkPad and a 6-foot long cable.

And then there's the fun factor of it all. Maybe the hack was performed for the fun of it. Judging by the laughter of the OP, I'd say that was the case here. So many things which established hacker culture started that way, so why should we scoff at something that may well continue that tradition? Something, something, mumble, mumble, hack the planet, etc.

I don't know the context of the OP. I found it fascinating and amusing, and since many others here who follow me are themselves hackers in various capacities, I thought they'd enjoy the content as well. I often wish I had the mindset which enabled me to probe and control devices like the "classical hackers", so in a way, I live vicariously through people like the OP. It may not be what I choose to do in my life, but I make no judgements of those conducting the hacks, nor their motivations for them.

@vertigo I understand there are some who find a necessity to do something like this. In my experience, landlords will be the ones to push this in the courts and possible evict you.

I don't want to have to move over $15/week.

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