LB: Projects like the @mntmn MNT RKX7 contributes significantly towards why I closed the Kestrel Computer Project, for it is now redundant.

The MNT Reform + RKX7 = a computer every bit as open as the Kestrel platform, but way, way, way, way more powerful than anything I could have produced.

For those interested in what the KCP originally sought to do, it will be worth your time to look into MNT's projects.

@vertigo @mntmn Honestly I wish more people approached projects like this and didn't compete for NIH's sake.

@csepp @mntmn Not gonna lie; it really does hurt when you see someone else complete their project ahead of yours even getting off the ground.

There is absolutely an element of jealousy there, that feeling of knowing you could have made an impact, but didn't. Or, that feeling that your architecture for XYZ was better, but didn't win out.

But, in the end, it's the greater good that is most important. why is this framed as a zero sum game? course you're welcome to do whatever you like, but can't there be like multiple different things all happening at the same time?


@mntmn @xjix @csepp It's not a zero sum game. Still, personal growth is often a painful process. It's taken me 45 years of life to learn that. (I just wish it could've happened sooner. 😏)

When I decided to turn my Kestrel project into the more broadly scoped Kestrel Computer Project addressing openness of both the software and the hardware stacks, I was hoping to develop a community of contributors who'd be able to help out. I was only a single person. That help never materialized for me.

Meanwhile, MNT had the resources, the community outreach, and the know-how to complete a complete laptop from scratch. There is both a quantitative and a qualitative difference in project management and community development between our two projects.

And, honestly, the Reform is vastly superior to anything I could ever produce while addressing all the hot issues important to me. Closing the KCP as redundant when I did was simply pragmatic.

I expose myself and what I felt during my realization not to tear-jerk (honestly, I don't understand how people can interpret it that way), but as honest reflection and humility.

I wouldn't change a thing. MNT is absolutely on my short-list for my next laptop acquisition. It is everything I wanted when I started the KCP. Everything.

As for my homebrew computers, I still am working towards realizing the Kestrel's potential designs. My sights are more realistic now. In particular, I'm working on a 20th anniversary redesign of the Kestrel-1 (yes, one), which I hope to release schematics and system software for in 2024.

And, after that? Well, we'll see.

In summary, closing KCP isn't the end of my activities. If anything, it gives me more creative freedom to explore more esoteric designs.

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