A most interesting take on the "8 character" password approach to security. :birdsite:

Quote from picture:

"During a recent password audit at the Bank of Ireland in Strabane it was found that a customer was using the following password: MickeyMinniePlutoHueyLouieDeweyDonaldGoofyDublin. When the customer was asked why he had such a long password; he replied, "Bajezus! Are yez feckin' stupid? Shore oi was told me password had to contain at least 8 characters and include one capital!"

@vertigo I use Diceware. I think I definitely need to try the "8-character-1-capital" method next time, strong passwords without dice and dictionary!

@vertigo waittt how did they know the plaintext password, do they not hash it 🤔

@chjara @vertigo It's a bank, what do you expect? Them making sure that if they get hacked they won't leak passwords even though the entire financial history is right there for the taking?

@vertigo that's honestly a great password

im more concerned as to why the company knew exactly what their customers' passwords were, that's not supposed to be possible :blobcattilt:

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