Didn't I predict this was going to happen? Because, I distinctly remember predicting that bullshit like this was going to happen.

And for those wondering, yes, I once had this option disabled and through the wonderful magic of automated updates, . . ., it is now re-enabled again.

So, off to the fucking config page I go.

"But, Vertigo, it's just a single checkbox! It takes 20 seconds to turn off!"

That is not the goddamn point, and you know it.

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True, but it is a small price to pay compared to what #proprietary #browsers such as #chrome do.
The alternative would be to provide a paid version without advertisements.

@vertigo it appears to be a new setting for the same thing, which (of course) is set to true by default. and there are matching settings prefixed services.sync, which i suspect also have to be set to false to keep it turned off

i am getting sick of this bullshit with firefox. i swear the only reason i keep using it is that chromium is just worse - that, and it's important not to land in a situation where there is only one browser engine available

still, it'd be nice not to end up with only two browsers, both equally devoted to monetarising their users...

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