So, because I've gotten a number of people trying to explain how text files are inherently safe and it's the editor's fault, . . .

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@suetanvil Yes, yes, I know. I thought the tongue was so firmly in the cheek that it'd be visible from space, but apparently, based on my responses, that's not been the case.



My excuse is that I haven't finished my first coffee of the day yet which is making me extra oblivious.

@vertigo Yeah I've had people use the same line of argument with me. There is no such thing as an "inherently safe" format, because everything has to be handled in some real-world situation.

@vertigo You'd think Apple would have learned from Microsoft that surprising the user by treating things as an unexpected format is a bad idea.

Haha that's a joke. Nobody who knows Apple would expect them to learn anything from anyone else's mistakes.

@vertigo the "file:///net/" thing is the worst. Like, hello, what's the point of protocols then?

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