And, another of my role models and personal heroes is mowed down like a weed by a bully, nazi, and workplace abuser.

Claire is, effective immediately, no longer working on Yosys.

Claire wrote Yosys.


Anyone willing to help Claire retain control of her work and support her personal and professional separation from her abusive business relationship, here's a GoFundMe.

I encourage people to donate if they can; without Claire's work, we simply wouldn't have the momentum behind free/open-source hardware like we do today.

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A positive outcome!


Thank you all for your outpouring support and love! I'm so incredibly touched by all your messages.

He has signed the documents today morning that finally resolve the non-compete issue.

But it's your love (and that legal defense fund y'all created) that set me free.

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@vertigo Wow. A lot has happened since I've been away from twitter. Claire is one of the people I admired and missed seeing from there. Thanks for posting this information here.

@vertigo that's past the initial goal.

However, it may be that there needs to be a 2nd to help ensure that Claire isn't accosted further by whatever nonsense is thrown at her in order to keep her subdued.

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