The Green Christmas Ball concert at the Cow Palace outside of SF in 1996 was a great freaking show too, local radio station organized show

This lineup is incomplete - Allen Ginsburg did a spoken word thing and I know there were other bands that I don't remember because I knew some folk from the station and was backstage and drinking far more than was wise.


re: alcohol 

@djsundog GA ticket was only $10.

I literally don't remember any time when GA tickets were less than $100 where I grew up. And, the one time I went to a major concert (to see Roger Waters live in San Diego), I remember tickets being pretty pricey too.

Must have been nice. ;)

re: alcohol 

@vertigo I have seen some amazing shows on the cheap or free - Edgar Winters and Little River Band played some small festival that my buddy and I happened across one day in Florida, free show for three hours on a beautiful day. definitely really hard to find these days.

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