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Anyone interested in hiring a software engineer who is comfortable with low level programming, including embedded work? Now that 2021 is here, it's high time I start considering re-entering the work force.

I'm comfortable working in assembly language for several different processors, C, Python, Ruby, and C++ (in order of most recent to least recent experience).

My professional resume isn't terribly impressive in this area (who does low-level work anymore?), but I like to think that my Kestrel-3 and Kestrel-2 work shows my skills.

Let me know if you think I might be a good fit for your organization. Thank you.

Also, forgot to mention, as my other projects show, I'm also familiar with FPGA development as well.

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Forgive me, I completely forgot to indicate where I'm located in my previous toot.

I'm located in San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

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professional networking 


I'm studying EE right now and I'm looking to start on some projects so my resume isn't just classes. What would you suggest for someone just getting started?

re: professional networking 

@Tathar Respectfully, I don't think I'm able to answer your question. Not being an EE by training or by profession, I lack the experience and contacts necessary to be of service for you. :(

I am attempting to gain some experience with this type of opportunity through my BX-Plorer project, an electronics kit I hope to sell through Crowd Supply or similar service. But, I'm quite a ways off for that yet; but, I am keeping all of my designs under libre license and hosting it on a publicly visible location (Source Hut in my case, but other locations would work as well). That way, prospective employers can review my work artifacts directly.

I also maintain a project log on, so that people can review the steps I've taken to evolve the project, not just in terms of hardware or software, but also other aspects related to the business.

I'm learning all this stuff myself, so while I can't answer your question, I hope my path might help illuminate a path that is right for you.

Good luck!

re: professional networking 


Can I get a link to the stuff you mentioned?

re: professional networking 


In particular, I've been working with FPGA boards and Verilog in class recently, so you might have more relevant experience than you realize.

re: professional networking 

@Tathar Certainly. I regret my online organization is somewhat lacking, so I'll try to summarize here all relevant resources. (Things would be much easier if only I could self-host everything.)

BX-Plorer is an out-growth of my VDC-II project, whose project homepage is currently located on This page tracks both the BX-Plorer and the VDC-II projects.

(This reminds me, I need to write a new project log on my latest board construction. I'll work on that tomorrow.)

The source code repository for the BX-Plorer is on Source Hut.

I also have a home-brew computer I made using FPGA development boards, but I'll share links to those only if desired. They're even more scattered about the Internet. 😏​

re: professional networking 


It sounds like your experience might be closer to electrical or computer engineering these days.

re: professional networking 

@Tathar Alas, it's unfortunate that I could never attain a degree (even an associates) towards those fields. 4x college drop-out, and had to learn everything I know myself. So, I ended up in software engineering positions, as the need for degrees in that field just isn't as strongly emphasized.

re: professional networking 


I think you could easily make up for that by showing off these projects and putting them on your resume.

@thegibson I believe I'd sent a resume your way last month concerning a similar-sounding position. I'm guessing you did not receive it? (It was in plain-text format, unadorned with formatting of any kind.)

I'm definitely curious about that position, plus the possibility of any new positions of similar nature.

@thegibson In fact, I don't even know who the organization is. I remember asking about that, but didn't receive any answer.

Where are you based, legal-wise? It'd be easier for us to hire EU people.

@jens OH, sorry, I should have included a location. My oversight, and I apologize.

I'm located in California, USA.

@vertigo There's plenty of works on virtualisation stuff, RISC-V is starting to take off in a few places, and some of the financial guys are looking at FPGA stuff; so there is stuff around; no need to climb up the stack too far!

@penguin42 In my experience so far, I found these opportunities are fleeting at best. They are quantum job opportunities, and like virtual particles, these positions open up then disappear almost instantly.

@vertigo If you miss one, but saw it, try applying to the company anyway so they have you on their lists; as a virtual particle, one might appear again.

@penguin42 In years past, I executed that strategy without any success. I just don't have sufficient credentials to make that approach workable.

@Vertigo #$FF i just realized i think i know you from #oberon chat on freenode. i learnt about kestrel project back then from you. i think you were considering latest oberon os as an option to run on your computer.

@tanakian@ծմակուտ.հայ Indeed I was. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete a port to the 64-bit architecture the Kestrel uses. Plus, some of the details of the hardware kept changing, so, I am currently focusing more on hardware development at the immediate moment. Once the hardware stabilizes, I'll try again. :)

Thanks for remembering and reaching out though. It is appreciated. I have a terrible memory myself, and have forgotten so much over the years.

(This could just be my age, or my family's history for getting dementia. Either way, please forgive me if I don't remember much from that time.)

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