How come corporations are allowed to leak their data onto the Internet without reprisal, yet when you help leak their data it’s a crime? ​:htp:

@hackerfantastic why is it they let it leak sometimes when they can’t legally sell it?

@thegibson media / & or public relations, it’s always opportune to capitalize in life. I don’t mind that they do tho, I like leaks.

@hackerfantastic For sure. It's just a model most people don't really consider, or politely turn a blind eye toward.

@thegibson its a fun fact that not every breach results in bankruptcy and in many cases post-breach companies (dependent on industry) actually see an increase in profits through new business won from any publicity, negative or positive.


Especially for the big boys.

Funny, breach as an advertising campaign, who knew?

How many times I have heard from someone, "Well They'll be really secure now after that happened!"



@thegibson @hackerfantastic Apple certainly does.

Ever since the first Macintoshes, they're masters at the fine art of leaks and rumors as hype generating machines. Remember when the two iPhone prototypes were conveniently "found" at an airport restaurant one day?

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