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By the way, if you need anything done tech-related, I am a freelancer who you can hire. My skill set is much too varied to list here without making this post a pain in the ass to read, so feel free to contact me.

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By the way, if I don't follow you back, it's because I'm keeping this timeline to tech-related things. Please don't take it personally. If you want you can go find my main at @violet ; I'm much more likely to follow back there :ablobsmile:

Annnnd BSD doesn't have a GMA500 intel driver. soo I guess slackware or something else lightweight enough for an old laptop?

Any recommendations for i686 supported distros that are lightweight?

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These things are fucking fantastic for on-the-go terminal needs. Definitely think BSD is the way to go on this old CPU though.

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Installing FreeBSD on my old Vaio P series c: want to see how it performs

Finally got my desktop set up for doing work instead of for playing media and windows games for my fam.

Thinking of throwing up an instance :blobsmilehappyeyes:

Reinstalling linux on my main box.. While I'm doing that, I'm trying to brainstorm things to use my serverbox for. Anyone have any ideas?

Going to be doing a lot of sysadmin work. Think I'm going to try BSD for the first time in a couple years.

Hey, cunning folk...

We are needed. Our time is now.

Soy Boy? No, I’m into newer, hipper milk alternatives. I’m a CocoBro.

So far, no success, but I've learned a lot about both of these devices and I think this might be possible with hardware modification

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Just found this awesome GB ROM maker that is super simple to use. Games made on it can be played in a browser, emulator, or probably a flash cart.

Even though it is limited as far as what kind of game you can make with it, the program is open source and can be improved upon by the community.

Here is a game that the author (Chris Maltby) made with the tools that are included with the software.

#opensource #gameboy #gamedev #gbstudio

Malloc does sound like the evil deity in some subpar fantasy novel.

dwm (dynamic window manager converted from C to (unsafe) Rust with c2rust running in Xephyr #Rust

Tomorrow I'm going to try and use the fusee gelee exploit.. but instead of on a Nintendo switch, I'm going to modify it for my Nvidia shield. They use the exact same Tegra chip that contains the vulnerability fusee gelee exploits. You can already root the shield, but.. I'm wondering if I can use this to install the switch's software onto it along with atmospheree. Breath of the wild on the shield? Fuck yes

Demon Linux fucking roars at you when you log in

I don't understand, all my ideas for a demon-themed OS have already been done by whoever made this thing

I feel like my creativity is extremely limited

TempleOS, schizophrenia 

Oh my fucking god, Demon Linux comes with cool-retro-term already installed

Who made this thing?? And why did they make something so similar to what I wanted to make under the same name 😭

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Oh, I guess Demon Linux is already a thing. And it is already based around cyber security. Which is what I was gonna make my demon linux about. whelp

Might make a similar version but base it on Arch instead of debian 🤔

You know what? Nah, QubesOS is gonna die eventually. Why don't I just install arch with the kernel patches, and then use the Xen hypervisor from there? I'll have to set stuff up manually sure but.. fuck. That might just work :catSneaky:

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