Newsletter software adding curator & utm_source attributes to the ends of URLs and CMSes not knowing how to handle them & giving 500s and 404s is peak webtech culture.

there are two wolves in a room that only allows excited particles to enter. the wolves have a book of instructions on how to respond to messages written in Chinese. they can also only see the shadows cast on the opposite wall.

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Testing our Cat Transportation System™ (backseat of truck) today for our upcoming 2,500 miles+ trip. This is the logo.

Ever wondered why Mastodon feels so laggy when you're trying to type a message?

This is the amount of JavaScript it runs on every keystroke.

Wheresoever it be, there will exist the power of certain men over others, and there will not be freedom, but there will be the oppression of one portion of mankind by another. Therefore power must be abolished.
-- Leo Tolstoy

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when I hear my Intel proc will run 40% slower now or l will get hacked and it's not even considered corporate ransomware

robot at the grocery store last night. definitely creeped out watching it wander the store on its own. those googly eyes don’t fool anyone. customers around me were all pretty unnerved too. sometimes we are technical, sometimes we are goofy, sometimes we are fired up....

But all the time we want to extend a hand to help anyone who also treats others with love, and if not love, at least acceptance.

We never want to be the tech community that is full of mean people being dicks.

That is all.

Ugh @lain corporation revoked the leaked enterprise key I was using to activate my copy of Pleroma, time to hit the warez sites for a new serial :blobowo:

reminder that x86 cpus have a smaller, non x86 cpu embedded inside of them

servers should literally just have a Raspberry Pi Compute Module in them as the BMC
- replaceable
- well-documented
- reliable
- low-power
- updatable
- able to be modified by the server owner

@uranther They have no regard for an open and simple web. They're changing the semantics of how the back button works now. They've already tried to remove the URL bar and 'www' as a valid subdomain on sites. They also are routinely classifying mail outside of their mail servers as spam, even if you use DKIM.

Everybody talks about Facebook having a social media monopoly. Where is the discussion about Google having an ecosystem monopoly?

@uranther for v3, not even a second class citizen, not a citizen at all

"My bigger concern is that by over-identifying whether or not someone is a human by figuring out precisely which human they are, Google is contributing to the trend of making the web harder to use for people who value their privacy. In essence, Google is assuming you're only human if you're part of their system. If you choose not to use Google services, or if you choose to preserve your privacy, then you're essentially classified as a second class citizen."

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