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Cat, eye contact 

I have been staying with my parents since the day before Christmas Eve. Here is one of their cats, Dutch, an orange tabby.

And here it is, all routed. I think I might go back and add some LEDs, but it's mostly done. I was beginning to think I wouldn't end up finishing it this year...

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The ground plane is split, so there's an isolation barrier. The J6 connector is for isolated RS485, which I'm doing for piece of mind. The microcontroller for this is referenced to DC-, so it's nice to not have to worry too much about whatever's talking to it (eg, a laptop with a USB to RS485 adapter) being part of the circuit, at least at DC.

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Rearranged a little, but now it's (kind of) starting to show hints of a finished board. Need to start routing.

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Rearranged this a little, I think I'll start routing this now.

This is just a buck converter I've been kicking around for a while, it's mostly just for practice, but if it works it should let me charge a 12 V battery from a 24 V battery. Or the other way around.

Croutonicus the Elder, a Roman known primarily for inventing the Caesar salad

DSS 56 carrier lock on James Webb Space Telescope
Frequency: 2.2705GHz
Signal strength: -116dBm


Whatever you celebrate, have a wonderful weekend, and take some time to relax. Either with your loved ones, be they two-legged, four-legged, or whatever, or just by yourself.

πŸ˜’ βœ‹ coding education for children to turn out young, plentiful and cheap workforces for tech companies
😎 πŸ‘‰ continuing tech education & community support so people of all ages can take charge of their technology and not be exploited by tech companies & government

How George is celebrating the . This is what he typically does while I'm at work.

Happy Solstice fediverse! It's now winter here in the northern hemisphere, but at least the days are getting longer.

In case anyone's curious, a Raspberry Pi 2 I have uses about 1 watt less when hooked up to a wired network versus when using a USB wireless dongle. This is measured at the 12 volt side of a little 12 volt to 5 volt DC-dc converter I'm using to power the pie. It's a model 2B, and uses 2.817 watts with the wireless dongle and 1.859 with the wired.

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