@Ricardus The consoles are pretty much all modular anyways though, right? Like you can get the preamps, the channel strips, or whatever separately.

@jalefkowit I wonder if he plans on going through every email received himself? It seems pretty bold to just throw that address out there.

@Ricardus I've never worked with one of the larger consoles, and keep forgetting that they're so modular.

I'd think Focusrite would be interested in that market.

re: slower computers, please 

@thezerobit I'm running Firefox on an older Thinkpad right now, and just starting up and navigating the settings it's a little sluggish. On my newer laptop it's zippier.

I do agree about web page bloat, though, it's fast navigating slimmer pages once it gets going. I rarely even bother with Gmail's web interface, even on my faster machine.

@Ricardus Agreed, although I haven't looked at used RME stuff. I did get the Focusrite used.

It seems like you should be fine with 16 channels, but I could also see that being something you end up using more and more of if you have them available...

slower computers, please 

@thezerobit I wouldn't say it's true all the time, but usually when I find myself wanting a faster computer it's so that I can run a web browser, usually Firefox, at a tolerable level of responsiveness.

@Ricardus I feel like I've seen interfaces that are just a bunch of line ins and outs. I want to say it was RME who made it? I'm guessing that people in big studios where they have a high-end recording console would want something like that (or several). There's a sweet spot in the market for an interface with 8 mic inputs, I suppose. It works well enough for a lot of people.

I'm actually running direct outs from a mixer into mine, not for sound quality reasons but mostly for signal routing convenience while noodling around on my bass or whatever. I've got an older desktop I built that I think is having weirdness with firewire devices and Ubuntu's low latency kernel, so I've been thinking about trying a USB interface. That said, I may just try upgrading this machine and sticking a firewire card in first.

@Ricardus Cool. I've got a Saffire Pro, it's nice but I've been thinking of getting a newer one with USB.

You just run the output of the mic pre into one of the line level inputs then?

@Ricardus How has that worked out? Also, what are you using for an audio interface?

@Ricardus My first thought for going around 4x in voltage would be to use something with a transformer instead of a straight boost converter, but if it's stable that works.

This looks like a neat preamp, and I think I've run across his site before. Looks like good inspiration, I haven't really done much in the way of audio circuits, and I'd like to try building an amp sometime.

@Ricardus Was he using a like a small forward converter to get B+ then?

We were using something like that on a board at work to power an isolated current sensor. It was failing EMI, but I ended up fixing this with a small cap next to the transformer to cross the two ground planes. You can get these pretty clean if you keep the common mode loop small.

@Ricardus I think they're normally the way to go, but you have to manage EMI. For a lower power application it's not too bad.

@Ricardus Should be pretty nice. I'm used to working with switch mode stuff, which is a lot noisier.

re: Clapton 

@thegibson I hadn't realized that Van Morrison was into the anti-lockdown stuff too... It mentioned him and Clapton doing a song about it.

@Ricardus This just looks like a linear supply then, you're just stepping line voltage down, rectifying and filtering it, then running it through some linear regulators? And you're trying to keep line noise out of the audio?

I was just going to say, make sure you have a good electrical connection to the rest of the chassis, and enclose the supply part as best you can. I was going to suggest looking for some copper tape as well to help seal cracks too. Some common mode filtering to chassis on the input might not be a bad idea if you don't have any already.

@Ricardus What are you trying to shield, and what shape are you looking for?

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