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@vertigo hey - I stumbled on your SMG project written in Shen, and I didn't realize you'd written any Shen.

Can you tell me more about how you used it? Or what you learned and applied elsewhere? Thanks!

Fun fact: Processors I've either read or hand-crafted assembly language for include (but isn't limited to) the following:


- Z80A
- 6510 / 8502
- 68000
- 80x86 16-bit
- 80x86 32-bit
- PowerPC
- MIPS R3000
- RISC-V (obviously)
- S16X4 (my own CPU design)
- SEAforth 24
- GreenArrays GA144
- Offete, Inc's P32


(All of the above plus...)

- RCA 1802
- TMS9900
- PDP-11
- MuP21
- Novix RC4000
- Harris RTX2000

Yeah, I think I know a thing or two about assembly language. ;)

whatever happened to that anonymous remote access hardware project...
ykno, the one where you just plop like, a laptop or something down somewhere secluded, it turns on its super neato antenna(e?), you connect to it, do some crime, feds try to bust you, but you are kilometers away and all they find is the laptop.
i remember its presentation got cancelled a few years ago, for not quite clear reasons.
has anyone worked on it since? what was it even called? did anyone find out why it got cancelled?

cc #infosec tag

@curufuin Sure, you can add other software that can do this on TAILS, but it won't change the main issue : TAILS computers can be pwnd easily, once it is the case, any software can altered, and malware can tag TCP/IP datagrams, or the data itself with those serial numbers. The issue here is that you can't mask those many integrated circuits serial numbers, you can't prevent tagging, and you can't prevent a malware to leak them in many ways.

Tor itself is powerless against this


@theruran As you can see, I am being honnest as a crypto-anarchist. When I mean an advance security procedure to protect free press sources and whistleblowers, I am not kidding at all.

This is a very serious matter.

How long would have Snowden survived if he had leaked his documents to Wikileaks with TAILS without any supplémentary procedure ?

He would have been raided anywhere on earth after 15 minutes maximum, not enough time to upload the files.

The protection of whistleblowers matter.

@theruran I have rework the picture a little bit, changing the state anonymity evolution time bar of the "TAILS initialy green computer".

On the previous picture, it was not going to red over time, but only to yellow. Now it is corrected. It goes trhough yellow and then red.

If the firewall is hacked from the LAN side, it could do directly from Green to Red, without going through the Yellow phase indeed.

ever notice how tech things that are supposed to be standards seem to never be created with input from the end users who ultimately end up having to use whatever follows that standard?

seeing Fuchsia programs are stored within packages with their own URIs, kinda like Redox

that's an interesting start
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my spellchecker suggests cyber-security should be corrected to cybersex-security and that's basically what I've been saying this entire time!

who would win‽

It really is one of the worst things about being a tech person when something fails to work over and over again and the one day just starts doing right. We are used to logic and reason but folks have been shitting atrocities into text editors for so long that it's a miracle any of this shit even powers on.

So we're left with magic. Why now? Did a cosmic ray hit a single electron in just the right way to 'fix' the brokenness? If I power down or quit the app will it ever work again? What if someone asks me how I fixed it because they have the same problem? I don't tell people I work in tech much anymore.

Github Codespaces sounds like the bane of development to me.

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