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learn how $8bn is stopping desertification of the Sahel (which totally wasn't our fault, btw)

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learn how one man sets out to save the Redwood forests

#ChelseaManning is released from arrest again after a recent suicide attempt.

Now she's supposed to pay 256,000$ for not being a snitch.

This is literally more than what I'd get in (German) state welfare in TWENTYFIVE GODDAMN FUCKING YEARS.

This system is cruel, petty and consistently acting against the public interest. Burn this shite down! 🔥

@dankwraith if history has taught us anything it’s that printing excessive amounts of new money has never had negative consequences

@dankwraith student debt forgiveness? 👏 how 👏 will 👏 we 👏 pay 👏 for 👏 it 👏

bank debt forgiveness? did you want that with 10 zeroes or 12?

@dankwraith a literally unimaginable about of money that we were told we don't have and can't use to fix anyone's actual problems just conjured up and then almost immediately incinerated for no reason

'Freelancing' is where i need my career to go.

White people dont want me in their offices and open-plan work spaces, and that's totally fine by me

The Apollo astronauts left retroreflectors on the lunar surface. By pointing lasers at these from the Earth we've been able to measure the distance to the Moon to an accuracy of a few centimetres. (NASA image)

to her credit, she knew the EFF because she used to refer students to them when they got sued by RIAA et al for downloading music.

it's just... you know, they didn't stop being relevant when the RIAA stopped suing everyone. 😤​😤​

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showed up at the lawyer's office today and I ended up schooling her for an hour on copyleft, software licensing and predatory business models, co-operative organizational and post-capitalist models...

it's not really her area. then she told me she was an economist before, and mentioned Charles Koch and market economics in the workplace 🤨​

i'm not trying to hate, but y'all need to keep up if we're going to make it out of this alive.

I'm reminded of the article I recently read about meaningless corporatespeak 👀 

and of course MS Teams is the first thing to stop working.

covid19, hot? take 

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covid19, hot? take 


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