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People please share your favourite Berlin minimalist techno. This stuff is doing wonders for my productivity.

why must they lock research articles from 2004 behind a paywall from me


I am 98.2% certain that I will -NOT- be using my

As such I will be willing to sell it to someone that will do active work with it (dev, testing, etc...). The project *needs* people to *participate*, not just sit on hardware.

Basically I would like to recoup my cost, and that's about it. Will even throw in free shipping within the US.

Also feel free to use that totally anarchist-themed 🏴 and "energy-efficient" LyX Beamer template.

People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction, and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead turns himself into a monster.
-- James Baldwin


If you stick to the POSIX space you can write a lot of software that's durable and portable.

It might also be awful for other reasons, but it's likely to stay as awful as it ever was, rather than actively getting worse as your dependencies mutate and rot around you.

And yet, when I was among full time camper folks, the big thing they recommended was (and I lost the name of it) a service for recording and uploading very brief videos. They used it like an "answering machine" or a "greeting card" to carry on non-realtime video chats. Think what scifi shows for a family on mars picking up brief video messages from home.

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Addresses and phone numbers both require money and stability to retain. They can't be the only fallbacks from facebook. Email is better, fediverse is far better. When imagining fallbacks, imagine displaced populations without steady income. They need safety checkins, video calls, chat with presence notification, photo albums, goofy meme threads, fundraisers... Facebook has done a good job of positioning itself as a one-stop connectivity provider.

@feonixrift we’ve become to accustom to continuous internet connection that it’s easy to forget just how powerful and resource thrifty asynchronous communication systems are.

Things like autonomous mesh networks become trivial to build when they only need to support asynchronous applications.

RT @NASA_Astronauts
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Man who refused to decrypt hard drives is free after four years in jail. Court holds that jail time to force decryption can't last more than 18 months.

tired: luddite means anti-technologism
wired: luddism opposes the boss who uses tech to exploit
inspired: whatever luddism means, i am here to destroy all computers

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@kragen if one were to actually do this, then how about, to finesse the interpret-vs-compile problem, just don't provide an interpret mode? Instead be able to demark snippets of scratch code that you run and then discard immediately once compiled? Someone once designed a Forth with no outer interpreter, but I could never find a copy of their paper.
This is probably not worth doing just for a small simplification of the initial bootstrap, but I think it's worth exploring weird ideas in general.

oscillating between “there is a humane future that software helped build” and “computers were a mistake and i want revenge”

funny rumors about secure dns 

People from all over the world came to California to combine their keys and edit the root DNS to update the global trusted certificate. Each one of them has only a part of the key to do it.

But the keys to activate the combined key (it is a serious and a very secure operation) were kept in a physical safe, and… the safe broke. Second copy is in Virginia. Plans are to relocate everyone. Or hack the safe with the key to the keys to the planet.

"That's out of scope" - Said no attacker ever

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