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The secret to being a good programmer? Graph theory.

Everything I do in this line of work is basically just graphs. Obviously programs themselves are graphs that make graphs. But programming is a collaborative activity, and wouldn't you know it, communication within a group is also a graph.

Planning the work is graphs. Building consensus? Graphs. Selling it? You better believe that's graphs. Even the emotional labor in this job is just fucking graphs!

Free Inegrated Circuits :

Here the recommanded package for Free Integrated Circuits :

Transparent plastic to ensure no other fuckery is in the box, and a clear glass window to allow local checking of the dice with microscope (Until better forms for checking Dices are found).

meta uspol, warning 

people in the free software community: uhhh the acronym for GNU Image Manipulator Program is kind of offensive, maybe consider renaming?

fossbros: if you dont like it, fork it!

glimpse devs: ok *forks and renames*

fossbros: *throw a big baby tantrum*

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> The storage allows unprecedented properties including 360 TB/disc data capacity, thermal stability up to 1,000°C and virtually unlimited lifetime at room temperature (13.8 billion years at 190°C ) opening a new era of eternal data archiving. As a very stable and safe form of portable memory, the technology could be highly useful for organisations with big archives, such as national archives, museums and libraries, to preserve their information and records.

sci-hub, library genesis, and wikipedia could all be stored on one 119.38x1.2mm disk made of fused quartz using this method
Increase complexity and hand to the next generation. Yes, they found new abstractions over this, too. But my hammer at the moment is “reduce complexity,” lower the scale. Make it manageable. I end up wanting fewer, but hyperspecific, stories.
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sarcasm, tech shit, with possible optimism 

Your really cool image is measurably less cool without a description.

Hot take: just as functional facilities like map, zip, & fold have become common in procedural languages, backtracking planners should become first class parts of them too; just as regexes have become built into modern scripting languages, so should generative grammars & DCGs.

@seven It will be interesting to see what kind of failure modes comes from that.

@seven They've been for a while now. They attempted to run a Navy destroyer on Windows NT once. It was an epic failure that resulted in the whole boat needing to be towed to drydock. Made headlines the world over.

Have you heard the Latest news? @lain is planning to do a hardware platform for running pleromaOS
Here's a picture of a prototype of future CPU
It is planned to be correct by design, without any backdoors and obviously fast!!

Needling Your Projects: 3D Printed PCB Probing Jig Uses Accupuncture Needles

Trying to probe a modern electronic circuit with tiny SMD components, without letting the magic smoke escape in the process, can be quite a challenge. Especially since we hacke…

Original tweet :

Piqué sur le birdsite.

évidemment je suis barde (qui est surpris ? personne.)

If I posted text posts about anything I cared about on facebook the algorithm would not show it to almost anyone thats even following me. It would literally just drop off the radar and be forgotten. I post a random thought here and people from around the world actually have a chance to respond. That is powerful. That cant be underplayed. The fact that we dont have to worry whether our messages have financial viability makes our ideas stronger. Our voices ring.

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