somehow, I don't think protesting Shell for the Nth time is going to amount to anything. 😑​

@theruran So far, I used it only to help produce the 53000 processor design.

SMG is a tool which is used to build "PLA"-type instruction decoders, such as those found in the 6502. You feed it a set of if-this-then-that style expressions, which are all independent from each other (being implemented as asynchronous logic). That allows more than one decoder output to respond to a common set of input conditions.

@stman The Timed Abstract State Machines seem powerful enough to do what you're thinking. I recently read the paper Steelcore which is a formalization of Communicating Sequential Processes in F* as a program interpreter that could host ASMs. Also was just looking at IEEE 1355 and Spacewire, which allows for time sync across the network - though I don't think this is the same kind of synchronization you're thinking of since it's based on asynchronous communications.

Going to take Secure Vehicle and Industrial Networks course in the fall to hopefully get a better grasp of these concepts.

“Would you like to parse and look at this pretty calendar appointment? We’ll even draw it as it might appear on a calendar. Not *your* calendar, though.”

"If it is for the public good, don't wait for permission." - Bruce Schneier

Time to raid.

Time to build.

Time to own the future again.

@vidak Ada is mature enough to fit right in. this sounds like a great project to bring more safety into software!

I wrote an open/free guide for #ActivityPub to help other developers.

Can't wait to share it with you! 😁

@vertigo ah, well, I realized the questions were vague about 'it'. Can you tell me more about the state machine generator? Have you used it a lot?

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