fuck proprietary software

I can't even use my printer from GNU/Linux because the assholes from Canon couldn't bother to make some libre drivers.

Armitage III OVA (1995) directed by Hiroyuki Ochi. Written by Chiaki Konaka and Akinori Endo

#Anime #Cyberpunk

"Follow the money" is a remarkably consistent in finding the societal warlocks

It's not always easy to do, since obfuscation is prevalent, but my oh my, is it effective

We asked both GM and Toyota to comment about their data collection and usage policies. Both declined to comment.

social media is a drug
dosage is important

nice. we are really living in the mad max timeline

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"but our fave low-tech workaround was shared by a user who found out his campus only had 12 wheel boots to go around and bought and illegally parked 12 scrapyard cars that could be “sacrificed” so everyone else could park however they wanted" driving.ca/auto-news/news/stud


finding out that lots of popular websites have memory bugs in firefox because of hardened_malloc lol

"nonlinear" is a code word for "thar be dragons"

Started building dynamic GUI by mixing background and foreground sprites for the first time. #6502asm


@viciousviscosity easy, I just don't hang out with those people. it gets really boring and uncomfortable fast.

declaring my apartment the čhetáŋla ethnobotany autonomous zone and no one can stop me.

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