@yogthos @theruran yup. Governments should be funding critical digital infrastructure at least as well as they do physical infrastructure...

@lightweight @yogthos are any governments calling it "critical digital infrastructure?" because I feel like they still haven't come around to this view. they are still talking about this stuff they need to support because companies depend on it to survive, idk.

I would have to look again at the White House's recent statement about cybersecurity.

@theruran @yogthos I'm not aware of any governments that are sharp enough to work this out... except maybe the Michigan State Appropriations Committee (see youtube.com/watch?v=g-h6CtSwk3 )

@theruran those last lines are the lesson that needs learned so we dont keep making it over and over again 👀
"[This] made me realize that NPM is a priavate corporate island where people have no power, and [thats not why i got into open source]"

@theruran i wonder what would happen is millions of pieces of software ended up not working because of something like that
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