Etsy, I'd like to comply, but i literally don't know how to do that u_u

Isn't the fact that i've blocked google's captcha in my browser proof enough? 🙄

I authorized google trackers, then gstatic, and then… suddenly I could sign in without even having to fill in a captcha. i don't get it.

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@azaliz it is the new reCAPTCHA: v3. they are checking if you have a Google-sanctioned presence on the Web.

@theruran ugh. wow. The amount of blind trust in Google it takes to say "everyone uses Google, so if they have google cookies on their browser it means they're a human and otherwise they're a risk"

@azaliz @theruran extremely bad to allow Google to become the internet police, given that they are one of the worst actors possible.

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