@theruran @psf Worth reading the original paper on defective CPUs. sigops.org/s/conferences/hotos

> A deterministic AES miscomputation, which was “self-inverting”: encrypting and decrypting on the same core yielded the identity function, but decryption else where yielded gibberish.


@niconiconi @psf yeah - finding out that the only computer that can decrypt and access your data is the one with a that originally encrypted it is 'fun.'
/cc @stman

@BillySmith @stman @theruran @yaaps @psf I won't be surprised if I see a comprehensive CPU test suite or online monitoring tool on GitHub by Google or Facebook a few years later.

@BillySmith @stman @theruran @yaaps @psf The resistor tolerance story is a classic in the electronics folklore. Everyone will eventually hear different variations of the same story (or if you are unlucky, has first-hand experience) after getting into electronics for a few years.

@BillySmith @stman @theruran @yaaps @psf > as no-one trusted that brand, so stopped buying their machines.
There's a saying for this - "worst-case tolerances never add - but when they do, they are found in the best customer's machine." gunkies.org/wiki/Vonada%27s_En

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