Github has really jumped the shark, they won't even display a proper ssh git address anymore...

@requiem Now is the age of hosting your own gitea... or community ones you trust.

The silos will never be your friend.

@thegibson agreed, I’ve went full-circle with this. What sent me back to GitHub was the need to collaborate with people who only use GitHub.

Damned network effect.

@requiem @TheGibson Both for issue tracking and code contributions?
Things like debbugs or the sourcehut equivalent only require an email address, which I'm sure github users also have.

@grainloom @thegibson I wrote about the whole thing at length awhile back:

I’d love to never use GitHub again.


@requiem @grainloom @thegibson I was planning on emailing a patch to a GH project's maintainer, like, "take it or leave it." iunno :blob_neutral_face: it's supported natively by git, so...

@theruran @requiem @TheGibson Last time I did that the person accepted it. I think it was for that Picard audio tagging thingy.

@theruran @requiem @TheGibson
Also I have semi official confirmation from #Rysolv staff that even if your contribution arrives through a channel other than a merge request, you will still get the bounty.
So it's not like 3rd party services must strictly rely on Github either.

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