Look at the picture the 'newspaper of record'' NYT choose to include in their BS story accusing #JetBrains, (one of the most customer-oriented companies btw) of somehow being complicit in the #SolarWinds hack.

Yep, just casually throw the Russian flag in there because why not? The original headline even referenced JB being a Russian company, capitalizing on the fact that in the heads of many Americans, Russian == up to no good.

The article got out of its way to paint JetBrains as "obscure" (changed now, but the damage is done) - implying JB is some sort of shadowy Russian company working with the FSB to hack good ol' American companies.

Then you get idiots like this:

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You also get the old school call for violence, why not?

NYT knew this is the sort of reaction they're going to elicit as they've been cultivating their readeship on thin sourced 'anonymous CIA spooks fed stories about Russia this, China that for years.

Pure xenophobia plain and simple. But a lot more acceptable and unlike racism rarely called out, even on here, sadly.

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@MatejLach i've been calling out anti-China BS on here. peeps be lapping that CIA shit up and are totally confused when confronted with a different interpretation.

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