AIR-FI: Generating Covert Wi-Fi Signals from Air-Gapped Computers

read and write really fast to RAM and you can send WiFi signals from an airgapped computer at 100b/s


/cc @stman

@rysiek ahhh! wow, that is disappointing. I thought it was actually WiFi, but should have read the whole paper first. @stman

@theruran @rysiek @stman

if you were around in the 1980s and also interested in radio as a hobby as well as computers, you may remember how it wasn't always possible to monitor an FM radio station (especially a pirate, or one from a town further away) as your computer interfered with the reception; this is based on similar principles but doing it the other way round (and you would have to be quite close to extract the data from the targeted computer)

@vfrmedia @theruran @stman plus you would already have to be able to plant malware on the device.

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