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Mozilla should stop trying to be like every tech shit company out there and re-structure itself into a worker-owned cooperative.

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being CEO means you get paid US$2,500,000 to make the big-girl decision to fire 250 people in the middle of a Great Depression.

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@theruran Honestly, if I had any other option, I would ditch Firefox today. It's a pretty lame move.

Mozilla has not been able to stay focussed for some time now. I don't know what the hell the upper management is doing, but they've been a serious anchor for a while.

I had hope when Quantum came out. But wow. They have really fucked up. And won't admit it.

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@GeoffWozniak yeah, their business strategy has been manic - when all I care about from them are Firefox and the web developer resources.

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@GeoffWozniak They're being ass-holes to make/maintain they're fucking profits, like all "upper management" in all for-profit shit companies…


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@GeoffWozniak @theruran their* profits I meant 🤦‍♂️

@theruran AFAIK the commercial arm of Mozilla is a wholly owned subsidiary of the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation. That's certainly how it started out. So I suspect the problem here is not one of structure or ownership, but managerialism, and the tendency to see management as a specialist skillset that specialist can apply in any field. The more not-for-profits stack their boards and management layers with management "specialists", usually from the corporate world, instead of people who have come up through the ranks of the organization, the more the habits and assumptions of corporate management culture seep into their decision-making.

@strypey @theruran Mais tellement : quand tu vois comment cela à explosé le monde associatif en France.

@syntacticsugarglider @strypey it's full of gaslighting such as "I desperately wish there was some other way to set Mozilla up for
success in building a better internet. ... Unfortunately, we can’t make that happen today."

@theruran @strypey sure, i'm not suggesting that one take this at face value. reading between the lines it's clear that mozilla has given up on the value they've actually built: MDN, Firefox, Servo, etc. and are focusing on trying to build a services business because they can't compete with either Apple's ecosystem lock-in or Google's market dominance when it comes to setting standards and building tools that people will use.

@syntacticsugarglider @strypey yeah - it just seems like a dubious strategy. they are literally firing the teams and downshifting the products/services that made them Mozilla.

quick! let's add more machine learning

@theruran @strypey very dubious, not a fan, and god how am i going to survive without mdn

time to spend 10x as much of my life reading w3c specs :(

@syntacticsugarglider @theruran @strypey The CSS specs are well written at least...

My main gripe there is that they could write a CSS3 (or whatever) spec for the others to build on rather than their CSS2 spec which isn't *entirely* correct anymore.

For HTML, definitely refer to some other reference rather than constantly shifting unversioned extremely long monster...

Mozilla take 

@theruran Are Mozilla workers union?

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@Shufei I have no idea, but I doubt they are.

Mozilla take 

@theruran I would love to see that and the first steps they should do is to end all of their Google ties.

Mozilla take 

@theruran I agree. The big existential problem they're facing no matter their structure is that they need to pay their workers but browsers don't make money (not without being deeply unethical, anyways) and google is probably going to pull the plug on the search deal that was 95% of their revenue for years.

Mozilla take 

@theruran Are there any resources for starting that sort of structure for a development-centric org? I would like to do something like that for CAD/CAM/CAE software.

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@kkremitzki I would look through the awesome list and maybe contact

You can look at and as some software development co-op benchmarks.

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