The internet was intended to be a free and open space to share information, but tracking, surveillance, and censorship are widespread online.

Let's take back the internet. #TakeBacktheInternet

@torproject LIARS.


Fucking crypto-nazis and cyber-imperalists hegemonists.

Shall I refresh your fucking memory about what happened at the 34C3 ?


@theruran with Bitcoin, and this is why I decided to publish my proposal to the Bitcoin core developpers mailing list.

That's all.

@theruran And still by the way, I think the Bitcore core dev mailing list is already under the exclusive control of the Empire and those Tor folks, because my publication is still pending for "moderator approval" at the moment I am writting these lines.

Not suprised, same bullshit, same universal fuckeries and inacceptable US cyber-imperialism and hegemonism.


@stman that's messed up. good luck to you and keep us informed.

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