The internet was intended to be a free and open space to share information, but tracking, surveillance, and censorship are widespread online.

Let's take back the internet. #TakeBacktheInternet

@torproject LIARS.


Fucking crypto-nazis and cyber-imperalists hegemonists.

Shall I refresh your fucking memory about what happened at the 34C3 ?


@theruran Oh that's very simple.

I have been workinf, for free, on the Tor project for a couple of years to check if what was claimed about Anonymity was lie or not.

Many hackers and military have been doing the same. Everybody was curious that this project was financed by the US State department and patented by a US army navy or air force, I don't remember exaclt, and spread like hell by Soros' "cyber charity" groups like La Quadrature du Net you know... So many autonomous folks like me have

@theruran started to study Tor.

While all folks where trying to analyze the source code, and focussed exclusively on the Tor program itself, neglecting all its technological environnement supporting it (OS, Kernel, Hardware of the underlying personnal computer), I started studying exactly the opposit : The technological environment of Tor and its possible consequences on Tor Anonymity promize.

And bingo.

I have found the graal of the usual US cyber-imperialism and cyber-hegemony.

@theruran I discovered a way powerfull agencies like the NSA could use to desanonymize 100% of all Tor connexions, while other agencies, in all other countries, could not exploit this technique at all, giving the US the luxury to claim Tor Anonymity was real, while their where the only ones able to break it.

This creating an cyber-hegemonical assymetry between the US and the rest of the world.

They would be able to desanonymize everything, manipulate everybody with this, while all others

@theruran would be blind and would need to rely on NSA to know who did what, and assuming NSA wouldn't lie to them.

First of all, I have been threatened of terror attack by CIA folks if I would publish my discovery.

Time passed, and I unpublished my publication in order to lighen the pressure, the conspiracies, CIA was blackmailing me with.

My discovery works both for Tor or VPN, and is from the family called "Active fingerprint identification technics". More specificaly, it can described as

@theruran follow :

"Tagging your TCP/IP traffic, going through Tor tunnels, with strong UUID's made from the unerasable and non-editable many serial numbers embedded into more or less 20 integrated circuits or subsystems composing any PC, into hidden channels from the TCP/IP protocol, or subprotocols like HTTP, IMAP, HTTPS, etc..."

When I have discovered this, I have asked several "Citizen rights" associations like La Quadrature du Net to co-sign my article and publish it. They all refused.

@theruran The only person who said I should publish was a guy called Julian Assange, by the way, and I have asked him to publish it on Wikileaks, but he also refused, LOL.

A few years later, I found a smart, low cost, and with a relatively simple security procedure, solution to my own discovery. It was relying on an FPGA board that had to be used with the PC you wanted to have Tor really protecting the Anonymity.

This was like one year before 34C3.

When I came to 34C3, I has in mind to go and

@theruran meet the 200 top Tor developpers to present them officialy my publication that was censored by the CIA, and better, the principles of the solution I had found.

I was proud to have contributed to make Tor Anonymity a reality for all.

What happened is very simple : I have been censored LIVE and humiliated in from of ALL THOSE 200 HUNDREDS motherfucking Tor developers, and I could not present both.

End of the story.

But then, you see, they still say they are the saviors of

@theruran free press sources anonymity, and of all whistleblowers, which is completely false.

They are their worst vicious traitors and ennemies.

Their only goal is to keep the cyber-power to manipulate everything from behind by being the "Only Cyber-Power" on earth able to break Tor Anonymity.

If this behavior is not a crypto-nazi cyber-imperialist cyber-hegemonist behavior, then what is it ?


By the way, the same bullshit if currently

Is this a reference to a specific event or demonstration at 34c3, a sybil attack on the tor network that Tor appears to be complicit in, or some other weaknesses introduced to the implementation?

I see some references to the cyber command mission statement in there and perhaps an allusion to Tor originating in the Department of the Navy. It's easy enough to see Tor as externalizing operations and white washing the reputation of an apparatus of the US military in order to disrupt alternatives and establish a monopoly on secure communications for a network that, while not wholly captive, the us military maintains enough nodes to influence quality of service to its own advantage and can harvest sufficient information from operations to capture other nodes through the legal system and prosecute any user arbitrarily. I'm not qualified to make a judgement as to whether that justifies a random verbal attack on someone who likely thinks they are doing something good, but if there's more specific information available, I'm interested

TL;DR - Tor is good enough for the crimes that form the typical strawman arguments against strong cryptography, but it's only good enough for dissidents if their dissension is aligned with the interests of the united states, as interpreted by us cyber command

@theruran with Bitcoin, and this is why I decided to publish my proposal to the Bitcoin core developpers mailing list.

That's all.

@theruran And still by the way, I think the Bitcore core dev mailing list is already under the exclusive control of the Empire and those Tor folks, because my publication is still pending for "moderator approval" at the moment I am writting these lines.

Not suprised, same bullshit, same universal fuckeries and inacceptable US cyber-imperialism and hegemonism.

@stman that's messed up. good luck to you and keep us informed.

@theruran Please note that another Crypto-Anarchist made a proof of concept of such technics, building a malware to do it, and presented during another congress. Tor team completely ignored him too, and I guess the CIA must have been hitting on him too after his honnest study. As usual.

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