destroying the idea of a software 'application'

we need personalizable tools that can be brought to any computing activity

The ‘software as machine’ view is so ingrained in people’s thinking that it’s hard to imagine organizing computing without some notion of applications. But let’s return to first principles. Why do people use computers? People use computers in order to do and express things, to communicate with each other, to create, and to experience and interact with what others have created. People write essays, create illustrations, organize and edit photographs, send messages to friends, play card games, watch movies, comment on news articles, and they do serious work too–analyze portfolios, create budgets and track expenses, find plane flights and hotels, automate tasks, and so on. But what is important, what truly matters to people is simply being able to perform these actions. That each of these actions presently take place in the context of some ‘application’ is not in any way essential. In fact, I hope you can start to see how unnatural it is that such stark boundaries exist between applications, and how lovely it would be if the functionality of our current applications could be seamlessly accessed and combined with other functions in whatever ways we imagine. This sort of activity could be a part of the normal interaction that people have with computers, not something reserved only for ‘programmers’, and not something that requires navigating a tedious mess of ad hoc protocols, dealing with parsing and serialization, and all the other mumbo-jumbo that has nothing to do with the idea the user (programmer) is trying to express. The computing environment could be a programmable playground, a canvas in which to automate whatever tasks or activities the user wished. -- The future of software, the end of apps, and why UX designers should care about type theory

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@theruran All is programmable and inspectable? That has been implemented quite a couple of times. One famous example is emacs and another one is Smalltalk in Squeak or Pharo.
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