@theruran that's Amazon's and Google's DCs right now, right? right??

@hirojin @theruran Or alternatively: write more efficient software that doesn't need those datacenters!

@alcinnz @theruran i'm all for that, but have you also considered the possibility that not all software needs to be available 100% of the time? to 9 billion users?? at the same time???

i'm guessing that a broad range of services for which local communities today use Facebook, could run on someone's raspi or router!

@alcinnz @hirojin @theruran
Think of the power and extraction cost savings that could be realized if communication resources were localized to the places they are used instead of routed through the datacenters where they are monetized

The way to make that happen, I think, is to use the devices that they want to sell us for hyperconnected smart houses and smart cities to revive the LAN party instead. I can't imagine the general purpose computing power that they're putting in the current generation of devices surviving more than one or two rounds of cost cutting, so we have a narrow window in which to popularize these devices for purposes other than spying on us

The irony would be if China was actually communist and support for global anarchism was an explicit, albeit hidden, motivation for these technologies
@alcinnz @theruran

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