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We doin' The Thing.

Gonna fix some problems for everybody.

Recruiters comin' at me with "Windows Defender Admin"


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Marijuana use, Snoop Dogg, Infosec Humor, Drug humor 


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At work, we were recently informed that we could use the agency's Youtube Premium account for its various features, including downloading.

I most certainly will not pollute the account's "algorithm" by hammering the search for satanic black metal.


Both dogs have snuck out of my office... they are up to something.

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big-bang take: type-1 hypervisors are just the new microkernel, except they actually scale

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“Rewards delivered unpredictably are far more enticing than those delivered with a known pattern…this same basic behavior is replicated in the feedback buttons that have accompanied most social media posts since Facebook introduced the “Like” icon…“Alter goes on to describe users as “gambling” every time they post something on a social media platform: Will you get likes (or hearts or retweets), or will it languish with no feedback?”

Makes me want to leave all social media, including Mastodon.

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Google's monopoly on browser market share is a problem, y'all.

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Not enough people seem to be on about how it's Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I will make a Pirate Joke™:

Q: What language do Pirates like to program in?
A: You might thing it's R, but a Pirate's first love is the C.

Boost this shit.

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Quick Tip:

In a recent Gothamist article (, we discover that Congressional hopeful Tom Kean Jr. (R) has a page on his website that his campaign only emails to people.

It is not accessible through the website's navigation.

However, you can find it on Google.

All you have to do to find ALL indexed pages of any website is by adding site: to the beginning of the URL (this also works in DuckDuckGo).


Skip the https://www.

This shows you every page Google has indexed from that particular website.

You can also get more specific if there are subcategories:

P.S. here's the page if you want to see it:

It's Monday, and I feel like the weekend just totally disappeared.

I am bewildered.

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