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Does anyone have a good fundraising platform to request money for things like bills and rent?

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Vacillating on start a con again, after yet another derbycon replacement attempt appears to be DOA.

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Dual Core has no right to go as hard as they do.

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we can make a better world, if you try 

being a particularly curmudgeonly anarchist means that your guilt doesn't rule me either.

What great irony of anarchy, that so many anarchists let other leftists tell them what they should be and what they should feel bad about.

No point in letting the state continue to control me and my life through fear, even being afraid of the state itself.

It's made up of people, too.

There was a thing that I never could reconcile; what good is casting off the chains of the state, then turning around and waging a war, whose goal is to end wars, end bloodshed? The hypocrisy always struck me as particularly inescapable.

Shine a light on my hypocrisy, so that we may face towards it together instead of facing away and lashing out at the light of truth.

My truth: All those problems? They can probably be solved without violence.

Those problems of violence? They too, can probably be solved without violence.

But only if we try.

And keep trying.

The hypocrisy that stuck out the most to me, over and over: it seems paradoxical to believe that a world without violence can be achieved through violence.

Once the last of the supposed violent enemies are gone, what are we left with? A whole society of people who only understand how to solve problems with violence.

Then what? All the fighters will simultaneously set down their weapons and teach themselves the arts of peace?

Here's another truth, one that I bet a lot of folks aren't going to want to hear: Everyone has a reason for being the way they are. If you understand it, if you can understand them, you have a chance at helping them change who they are.

To those who would argue back in frustration "so you're saying that we should just sit down and have a chat with all the fascists and cops?"

Should? Oh I'll never be one to tell other people what they should do.

But yes, I think it's possible. How else can anyone's mind be changed? Very seldom will someone change their mind about something without a good deep conversation about it.

And after all, what is the alternative? Killing them all? Because you don't think it's possible to change their mind, and you think they'll never stop being a danger to you? There's that prickly hypocrisy again. What do you think they think about you, if not the very same thing?

I know what it's like to feel like a monster, to feel irredeemable. To feel like only monsters could possibly accept me, because not even I can accept me.

Luckily for me, those who I saw as monsters were the kindest most welcoming people I'd met in a while.

But what happens when people who feel like monsters turn to the actual monsters to find their place? They find a home among the monsters who tell them that being a monster is who they are, and they can never be anything or anyone better, so they must embrace it, and destroy anyone who says they can be any different, because those people are attempting to take away their identity, when identity is the only thing they have left to them.

If you've ever felt like a monster, and come back, you are one of the few who could have any hope of truly showing other people, who have let themselves be consumed by monstrosity, what is truly possible.

Not succeeding isn't a failure. Not succeeding is very simply the status quo of every moment before success is reached.

Failure is what you decide it is, and you can decide your own failure conditions.

You can decide to have no failure conditions.

I keep going, and I've decided for myself, that whatever failure is, I haven't failed.

My identity cannot be taken away, because I am what I love, not what other people will let me love.

I love community, I love hope. I love today.

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shirts to wear while professoring, an occasional series

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Linux CAM software for CNC toolpaths.


Truth is, a lot of hackers are just punks.

Just want to flip the finger at assholes.

We just do it with style.

A little sad that I didn't get to print badges this year.

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New Avengers #1 - Jonathan Hickman / Jock (2013)

She nailed the first interview... second interview is... at DefCon.

Magic happens there.

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