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Deleted all shared libs on a production Solaris 10 system.

Was able to rebuild the config using the equivalent of Linux "ldconfig" and rebooted the machine before anyone realized. Solaris ran fine after that.

I also did an "rm -rfv .", not realizing I had changed to ~ instead of a subdir. Lost quite a lot of important files that way. Yes, no backups.

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Antiques, allegeldy 

This chonker is coin operated, allegedly.

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@thegibson We spent probably 20 minutes writing a query to carefully select a subset of production servers upon which to execute a handful of *very* resource intensive commands, and then to disable a bunch of critical services.

We stored that data in a variable.

We referenced a different variable when we ran that command in our production datacenter.

It ran for about 10 minutes before I said "Gee, this is taking a really long time" and then my co-worker went in to a panic and reverted our changes.

Went from multiple million active users to less than 500k in about 5 minutes, back up to multiple millions in less than 3.

Happened so fast that it didn't even trigger an alert.

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@TheGibson Was managing a terrible HR application and got overconfident while applying patches, went for the next one without a snapshot and it failed miserably (it didn't in our test env).

The HR department (hundreds of employees) was left unable to do any work for half a day. We didn't know at the time if it was going to be an easy fix or something that would let us struggle with our backups for *days*.

Been treating prod environments like unexploded bombs since then, which is what they are.

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rm -rf / * root my first real job NASA

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@thegibson wired about 10 lightbulb sockets backwards because at the time I thought 110/120v AC was done the same way that 220/240v AC was done, so wouldn't matter which direction I hooked them up, so connected them randomly.

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@TheGibson I sure did DOS the provider's API three times before noticing that there was no exit from the retry loop in the happy path

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@thegibson I crippled my org's entire infrastructure by writing a script to do user cleanup on every server by checking a centralized source and upon a mismatch, killing that user's processes then removing the user.

My central source did not include root.

I learned about the protections a modern linux box has against some major foot bullets that day, but we still had to reboot every box in our infrastructure because I chopped half the load bearing services off at the knees.

That was my first major mistake in a decision-making IT role and I'm incredibly fortunate my boss didn't make it my last.

It's uncanny because my major task right now at a different org is centralized user management. I think about this mistake often.
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@thegibson @djsundog Backin up was easy lawd, when he sang the blues. Backin' up was good enough for me.

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I ruined a MB once by just dropping a screw on it, causing a short. Happened so fast!


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@thegibson completely destroyed production Kafka cluster, more senior Ops engineers managed to fix it. But the very next day I did it again

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@TheGibson "real men" don't backup.

because "real men" aren't afraid of crying.

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I'm trying to figure out the name of this MP3 a guy showed me in 2003. All I remember is that it had a black and red display and a weird barrel/dial on the side.

Backups are for people who have something to lose.

Can somebody mess with Texas?

They could use it right about now.


Texas is going to get their Social Media turned off... but we don't have to worry.... less than 50Mil users and a platform is immune....

hoo boy...

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