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Linkedin spammer offering me training for introverted leaders...

Lady... you got the wrong dude.

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We have now merged onto I-90

East bound and down
loaded up and truckin'
we gonna do what they say cain't be done


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Today in the "Domesticate Your Badgers" Kickstarter -- @lilithsaintcrow weighs in.

Plus, the astonishingly deadly Australian Badger.

The days are trickling away. If you want to become a better writer, back it while you can.

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Intro days on new job on location in Gothenburg over. Now on my way back to Malmö with some swag.

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Reminder: Mastodon emojo search bites, but your experience doesn't have to.

Just replace the end part there with your instance url to see all your specials in one view.

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Djinn Concentration
November 24, 2021

when asking how they came by their revelations
their reply was that anyone asking should bring three chickens
two for ceremonial execution, plucking, and making ready
and one to serve as messenger and witness

a cast iron skillet, garlic, onions
these things would also not go amiss

a scientist, they then took out an infra-red thermometer
checked a notebook at the side of their cave
then walked down to the junipers

sat before a small one
meditated the allocated seventeen seconds
and uttered those respectful words

o dear one, beloved, 350 please


* * *

#poem #poetry #writing

Food, holidays 

But if u ain't vaxxed, no turkey for you.

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Fuck microfiche we’re only doing megafiche now

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Poem, Security 

OS Indiscriminate
November 24, 2021

every morning
it’s the same bloody thing
a smear of ectoplasmic residue
evaporating from my graphics card
leading me to believe
just generally

the ghost hack is working

* * *

Food, holidays 

15 people now... second turkey is thawing.

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Food, holidays 

Turkey brining, smoker primed.

13 vaccinated family members.

2 St Bernards

And cranberry sauce shaped like a can.

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