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1. Biden calling out Facebook by saying "They're killing people!" *chef's kiss*

2. The Right suddenly pushing vaccination makes me think they realized their base is largely the one dying at this point because of their misinformation and dereliction of duty.

buying a new wallet... decisions, decisions.

I just wish Cobb had lived a few more years.

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The Muppets skit Pigs in Space keep coming into my mind for some reason.

I see Bezos is up and at ‘em this morning.


It seems like Orange Julius suddenly dropped off the radar in the past few days.

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a manifesto is the birth announcement of a new artist whomst works in worlds.

-- me, just now, to my wife

re: DefCon prep 

Stickers? Can I get them here on time?

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DefCon prep 

Burner phones prepped, burner laptop prepped.

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More progress on the MP573. It's starting to look like something.


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