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It feels so good to feel the batteries charging again.

I just had the best “your mom” joke... and I didn’t make it.

You’re welcome.

I am prepared to rage against the dying of the light, once again!

Are you?

The molecule of hope is enough to revive.

The single photon giving way to more light.

Now we ignite.

Now we show them what we’ve got.

Now, we get up.

We keep fighting.

The fighter that wins isn’t the one the goes down first, but the one that keeps getting up.

Net Neutrality.

We thought we lost the fight, but it turns out we beat the count.

"In early 2019, Ian Davis lost 4 of his digits on his left hand to a work accident. His insurance did not cover his prosthetic." So he made his own mechanical solution.

"The prosthetic Ian built has literally zero electricity need, it works with a set of elastic strings, rods, chains, nails a forearm rest, and whatnot."

We're living a #cyberpunk dystopia but, damn, engineers are amazing.

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