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Needed a bedside clock, but didn't want LEDs.

dumb crossover musical act of the day 

Roberta Flack Sabbath

Ping of death 2.0 

A good writeup, and a POC if anyone wants it.

Link Local only.

I apologize if I set things on fire in the next month or so... it is written in the stars.

Just remember when old me apologized before then me does whatever it is I do.

Anyone else seeing Twitter's TLS barfing?

Or is this Firefox mobile being fucking worthless?

Bought myself the bits for a power supply (already have a few bridge rectifiers lying about so didn't buy one of those)

I do here swear,
by the Jazz of Physics,
that the Universe is musical.

Instead of the phase "hit by a bus" or "hit by a beer truck" how about using "hit by a lottery ticket"?

The world needs more upbeat thoughts.

The execution is the easy part.

The luck is the hard part.

spotted while wandering around yesterday, i love the aesthetic

Partial Art Heck Loadout 1993 

Yep, most of that particular year's loadout is still in the closet box, but some of it's in daily use still - a much-repaired hat, shoes (replaced many times) and trimmer. Stomp boots are from the 1970s, resoled a couple times, and still stomp just fine.

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