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I never caught that the hacker in England is Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame.

Hackers is on HBO apparently, so I'll likely be watching it sometime this week. It's been ages.

@vortex_egg @thegibson before it dropped completely here, when Razor and Blade first showed up, they mentioned that the Zoom chat would be recorded so you could watch it in 3 billion psychadelic colors.

I'm not sure WHERE it will be, but... I think I need a copy of that (:

Mainly because Nikon showed up and things got real.

"we dressed everyone"
90s fashion was intentional, lest we forget

No, I mean he called out data collection as a problem... just now.

Lord_Nikon said F Facebook.... it was cool.

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Remember The Big Ugly Red Book That Won't Fit On A Shelf?

It was part of a series.

And you can read them today:

THe stream may be tough to watch, but these actors talking about it validates a lot about why I loved this film so much!

Hack the planet!!

"Hackers" movie watching party for its 25th anniversary

Random thing: If I were looking for a game that evokes sensawunda and is not Mass Effect, what might I play?

The “Hackers” watch party at is starting now!

Apple event 

@thegibson Apple who?

Oh, you mean the luxury watch brand.


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