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ok, I'm going to pour a drink and walk the net like Cain from KungFu.

Hi I am vortex_egg.

I'm interested in full stack reality hacking: From understanding the emergence and programming of mass human beliefs, to consciousness hacking, cultural engineering, social engineering, to the rise of algorithmic culture, conspiracy theories, alternate realities. Socio-cybernetics and complex science meets mysticism and the occult. All-around cosmic scamp playing for Team Human.

I need to load some OS onto laptops this weekend...

Anyone else use a well appointed laptop as a server?

Asking for a friend.

pimping enoughrecords 

Transness is an alchemical process where the lead is transmuted into gold by aligning the nuit and hadit

In this essay I will . . .

For general propaganda use (Not my best, too hot in room to continue to perfect it, the concept it there and hack, you have every copyright to do with it what you want :) I prefer no credit, as in don't @ me!!!! :p) 

Literally every FM station in the 1980’s at 5PM on Friday.

If you were following me last week you might need to refollow if you haven't.

shit, accidentally wrote grocery list to tune of "kokomo"


three radios per unit... I assume it's you.

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