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Feeling like butter spread over too much bread.


"In direct opposition to banks, corporations and entrepreneurs who appropriated the words โ€˜hack/hackathonโ€™, the film aims to fill these expressions with the subversive and anarchist tradition they originally contained."

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WAN history time!

@ella_kane is the person who created the #WeAreNameless concept and hashtag.

Ella hosted WAN until January 2020, after which the baton was passed to @Mnemonic for keeping.

At first WAN didn't have a stream, nor a riot channel and even less the capacity to have a weekly show like it has since a couple of months.

WAN seems to have changed for good with the new host.
Maybe it'll change even more in the future. Who knows?

With new beginnings there are also some endings, though. It has been a long overdue announcement, but @ella_kane will not come back as a WAN host.

Whatever this project becomes will be solely on your hands. You, the community. And Mnemonic.

Enjoy! :_earth:

It's new #emoji day! Have some orcs!
:orc: :orc_goggles: :orc_mage: :orc_king: :orc_laser:

Thanks to @alexshendi and to my patrons and liberapay supporters. :flan_aww:โ€‹ (Patreon download packs incoming!)

I love that Public Enemy has become cultural leaders again... not that they really ever left, but seeing Chuck D. and FF step up for this moment is awesome... I am getting hopeful for the next generation of anti-establishment artists to finally start hitting.

I think I'm going to try my face with a beard.

Never done that before.

Tuesday 0200UTC (Monday night PDT) I will stream from my #trashtop to #tilderadio for my first show.

Finally feeling almost well enough to post a late #caturday pic. Be well my friends.

It is sad that they don't see the solution. Communities federated to one another, small and focused... with community moderation and management.

You can't fix the silos... but you can replace them.

re: USPOL/Hot take that feels like a luke-warm 

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A bunch of technomancers in the fediverse. Keep it fairly clean please. This arcology is for all who wash up upon it's digital shore.