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I love that Public Enemy has become cultural leaders again... not that they really ever left, but seeing Chuck D. and FF step up for this moment is awesome... I am getting hopeful for the next generation of anti-establishment artists to finally start hitting.

Hadnagy is on Coast to Coast AM... right now.

I think I'm going to try my face with a beard.

Never done that before.

Tuesday 0200UTC (Monday night PDT) I will stream from my #trashtop to #tilderadio for my first show.

Finally feeling almost well enough to post a late #caturday pic. Be well my friends.

It is sad that they don't see the solution. Communities federated to one another, small and focused... with community moderation and management.

You can't fix the silos... but you can replace them.

re: USPOL/Hot take that feels like a luke-warm 

Still thinking about the killsuit with Pinch.

data collection doesn't correlate to how much damage a platform can do to society.

4chan collects fuck-all, and gestated the alt-right.

Anybody have preferences on a budget managed switch with at least 24 ports... Considering the Unifi option... but just looking for suggestions for a flexible home lab solution.

I already own unifi controllers and such... so that seems like the play.

The EARN IT Act will let Attorney General William Barr ban strong encryption. We need to stop it, and there’s a Senate vote next week.

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