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Do you use a password manager?

Please boost for more reach. #India #security

I'm not sure why I'm saying all this.

I think it's because all the really good stuff in Twitter (@-replies, usable clients) was actually designed and built by users, not Twitter. Twitter, the company, didn't embrace those ideas until very late.

Mastodon and other fediverse remind me of that time, when good ideas could come from anywhere. It's the bottom-up experience that's been missing from the web for years.

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Time for #reintroduction

I am a public interest technologist working at the Freedom of the Press Foundation My day job is to work on using which people can leak information to the journalists securely. I also contribute to many #opensource projects. I am a core member of the @torproject and also core developer of the #Python programming language & a director and fellow of Python Software Foundation.

If you want to know that your email was ever been compromised in any online breach, is the best place available right now. #security #India

Time for introductions.

I am Raman Sharma. I am a graduate from IIT Bombay in Computer science and engineering.

I have a keen interest in history, movies, philosophy and Probability.

I have worked as a Quant and am currently working for a large financial firm.

#india #introduction #introductions

Joined Twitter quite late and it had started to become the cesspool it is now. Hoping for better interactions here. #india

Hey guys, I'm also from #India and I moved here because I'm honestly fedup with Twitter. :blob_raccoon_blueheart:

@mastodonusercount #India affect is a 8x increase of the usual hourly registrations :)

Shahbaz here, 27, Banker by Profession, From the state Sanghis hate the most

Loves to cook, Play and Watch Football, Occasional Cricket Lover, Avid Reader, Part Time Writer, Keen interest in knowing my existential History

Got 2 know about Mastodon through the brave & beautiful @Deepsealioness and the voice of the marginalised @imMAK02

Will love to discuss about Politics, History, Sports and Existence

Anti-Fascist, Anti-Zionist, Anti-Chaddi, Anti-Extremist, Anti-Lodus

#india #introduction

If you are wondering how does Mastodon do the magic of talking between all the servers, read the protocol behind, #ActivityPub #India

I have boosted so many folks today, here is my favourite handle from bird app, so follow @imMAK02 #FF #India #Introduction

For those who don’t know he diligently documents all lynching crimes under this fascist government, he shares videos of hate speeches by prominent politicians which is way to marginalise & dehumanise religious minorities.

If you are anti fascist follow him

:mastodon: A big welcome ❤️ to all the lovely people who have joined Mastodon to make a difference.

🇮🇳 #India, you rock.

Feel free to boost — to salute all new members.

RT @eff: A judge has granted the first known warrant for law enforcement to conduct a dragnet search through the DNA of 1.3 million people…

ok, all you new people who arrived in the Fediverse this week... and there do appear to be a LOT of N00bs(in the best sense).... Let's do a Follow Friday!

@djsundog is possibly the best all around netizen on the Fedi.

@maxeddy Tech journalist, and nice and approachable too... I even assume he likes hugs.

@ella_kane our community organizer in this corner of the fediverse, and mastermind on , a monthly movie viewing session... a LOT of fun!

@lilithsaintcrow and @mwlucas Both authors who have inspired discussions often, that lift the lid on the publishing industry.

@Mainebot He's like... to the north of me... but kinda smart.... and smart-alecky....actually a very solid source of quality thoughts on a wide range of topics.

@viciousviscosity qUEEN OF gIFS

@tek, admin of, also a name to watch for infosec.

@jerry Admin of

@JohnsNotHere Host of the Purple Squad Security podcast

@drwho @remotenemesis @GeoffWozniak @ryen @m4iler

on and on...

Sooo many other great netizens... The instant I post this I will regret many I didn't list.

Hey y'all: I write a column for PCMag and we occasionally try to answer reader questions. Drop us a line, y'all are really smart.

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A bunch of technomancers in the fediverse. Keep it fairly clean please. This arcology is for all who wash up upon it's digital shore.