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Oh hey it's too bad encryption isn't integral to our network protocols but what could go wrong?

*watches as China and Russia begin broad traffic interception malware campaigns, with an incredibly sophisticated attack system around Reductor*

I have been informed that a lot could go wrong.

Nearly a million people without power in California and the news shows are saying PGE is doing the right thing prioritizing interruption of service over a blazing wildfire.

That's true. But let's not forget their haphazard expansion policies, profit-over-safety motives and their lobbying fiercely against any and all competition (including making it illegal to bring your homes to fully off-grid status and making electrical sharing between properties illegal) has put us here. PG&E has caused this problem and now they're jeopardizing core infrastructure in the State to cover up for it, while filing for bankruptcy and whining they don't have money to fix the problem.

My face is a scrambled mess of bytes.

My body impermanent, ephemeral like flash storage.

My soul, free on the ether.

I'm nameless as .

(And totally )


Louisville went from 90 to 55 like it saw a Mustang sitting on the shoulder of the Watterson.

I just described World of Goo as

"the physics game with a storyline about the systemic flaws within consumer capitalism"

and I enjoyed the description so much I wanted to repost it here for you to enjoy

Hey Fediverse, anyone know of a decent minimalist logo designer? I'm tired of playing roulette on Fiverr and would be willing to pay in and around $200 CAD for a decent design. DM me if you know someone decent with a portfolio I can review.

OK which one of you mailed a card with a url in it
This is either rickrolling or the game and either way I am not typing it in


Can we please stop calling Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc ‘The online public square’? They’re ad companies. It is like calling a billboard ad a ’vertical public message’.... Pay for play, social media & search engines have created an online marketplace of ideas. Money talks ↘️


Tired of being asked to fix peoples’ computers? Usagi is here to help.

10cm vinyl sticker now available in my shop:


it should surprise no one that creativity flourishes only when non-experts are allowed to be foolish and experts are forced outside their comfort zones -- in other words, outside a stratified and professionalized tool ecosystem. change is, in of itself, destablizing.

Late stage capitalism is a corporation having the ability to turn off electricity for a region of over 7 million people at will because its faulty equipment can't stop setting fires.

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