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so begins meeting #4 this morning.

Jesus, how do I tell this lady constructively to top with the "the Hackers" thing?

I don't want to be THAT guy... but I really feel like I neeed to provide some constructive criticism here.

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@thegibson Cyberhacking is my new favorite. I guess so the muns can egg-hack safely.

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She knows the product well, but this is getting on my nerves...

I am assisting her in the sell... I brought her the client.

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@thegibson "The API calls are coming from inside the network."

Maybe I could assist her use of nomenclature...

The syllables you want to use is "Cy" "Ber" "Crim" "i" and "nal"

Maybe I'll get her a hoodie for Christmas.

Gonna have to have a talk with this sales engineer I'm working with from CBDefense.

She keeps referring to "The hackers"

lady, I AM the hackers...

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We have a text-only version of our website for anyone who needs to stay up-to-date on Hurricane Florence news and keep their battery and data usage to a minimum:

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Friends, @AstroKatie and I wrote a paper!

We argue that if extra dimensions exist then they must be pretty small, otherwise collisions between ultra-high energy cosmic rays could form tiny black holes whose evaporation might set off a catastrophic vaccum decay.

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Oh, hey, it looks like Randall Monroe learned how to spell "Mastodon" over night:

(In case you didn't see it yesterday, the linked xkcd referred to "Mastadon" until last night. Which really seems like a better spelling anyway…)

The restful mind is best achieved without distraction.

What mindfulness you could have.

Be not disregarded.

Be the rust.

Be their corrosion.

@petrus I hope you are guiding hands.

There is always a code.

You must know the old world.

There is always a code.