It is interesting to me.

It is illuminating that nearly every female hacker I have looked up data on is generally disparaged for their work.

Every tiny mistake pointed out, in excruciating detail.

The next few entries in hackerhistory will showcase some of these women... without judgement.

And god forbid they be blessed with looks good or bad... then the discussion turns only to that.

This is a terrible thing.

I worked with only one woman in infosec. 20 years... one woman.

She worked twice as hard as the rest of us just to be taken seriously.

She was better than the rest of us... truth be told.

She's a CISO now.

She fought it head down to get there... she has always made me proud to be able to say I worked with her.

I am a better infosec professional for having known/worked with her.


I have not.

I have of course been aware of the sausage party that IT in particular is. It's obvious.

I will say that some companies are better than others.

But in Infosec in particular, there is a huge difference.

@thegibson This definitely resonates with my own experience.

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