So, in the fediverse, we clearly see the furries, the trans community, the infosec/hackers, the witches, and the writers.

Something that I realized last summer, that was very missing before this platform... all the classical goth types from to 80's-90's....

Almost all of my tribe had gone extinct it had seemed.

I have rediscovered many of the surviving coterie here in the fediverse. For that,I am truly thankful.

I see you quiet, grim-faced friends.

I recognize you.

Happy you're here.

@thegibson I miss the goths too, also whatever you would call people who listen to My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult...

@jjg @thegibson Maybe we should organize a Masto-meet at a con this year. HOPE?


@drwho @jjg HOPE would be a good conference to do it at... I'll have to see if I can expense the travel.

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