lets talk about small instances (under 1000 users). Tell us about small communities you know, new upcoming interesting instances, special theme or topic instances.

tag them with #under1000

lets decentralize a little. :)

Here is 5 instances #under1000

elekk.xyz : gaming
admin: @noelle

mastodon.gamedev.place/ : gamedevs (very new)
admin: @aras

tenforward.social/about/more : star trek themed
admin: @guinan

photog.social : photography
admin: @ambassador

scholar.social/: teaching and academics
admin: @socrates
Lets decentralize a little.

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@sophia @phooky @eylul @noelle @guinan @ambassador @socrates

It has been an issue since inception, but the uniqueness of the Fediverse makes it hard... at that point we basically become simply distributed.

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