Hey folks, I am looking for a solid team manager.

I am the hiring manager for this position.

I need someone with a strong belief in DEI, some security experience, and exceptional people skills.

This manager will be managing the best team of ThreatHunters and defenders on earth.

Think a Blue Team with a Spear.

If you are interested, DM me, and we can talk through it.

GetFediHired oh yeah you start hiring as soon as i leave the state :P

good luck o/


@TheGibson ooh I know a guy who fits the bill perfectly, he is also recently out of a job:

(sorry, this had to happen)

re: GetFediHired 


this makes me drool, but ngl, I am in no way qualified and I think you know it better than I do

wishing you whatever luck that
wishing for things can conjure up

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