@thegibson Overlook Hotel standard flooring too, for extra creepy.

generative art, midjourney 

@thegibson I have no words.

“ms clippy in the shining, cinematic lighting, realistic”

@thegibson excuse me youre not allowed to post cognitohazards like that

@thegibson i also definitely didnt share that image to the SCP IRC just now


this is the best way to explain the history of Microsoft: self-haunted

@thegibson se dovessi trovarmelo nel metaverso in 3D, penso che cercherei il modo di farlo fuori, o sparandogli o annodandolo. Era già antipatico quando usavo Windows, una versione ad altezza umana non la tollererei.

@thegibson "Come office with me, and we'll work for-ever...and ev-er...and ev-er...."

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